It is a complete PC remote control program done in delphi with GpIndy Library. Basically it actues as a HTTP server, but can actues like a client for other GranPuente.

As you see in the image, you have several options and page tabs associated with different actions. You can use each of this funtion/actions working together in the same machine or with distributed functions in different machines.

There is some input and check-box to configure the service than you want.

Server : Actue as 'clasical' web server. It's to connect with the Gp server directly.

Client : The client connect with a bridge, and you access to the client by connecting with the bridge too.

Bridge : A special kind of gp server, with purpose to handle client connection making a new listen port in the bridge machine which interface the client with the support.


General settings:

home : To define the Home entry in page direction. For example

Password : is for passord support connection, NOTE, that if you set password, then you open the support by writing
http://ipadress:port/support.htm (support html is the home page that can be changed for more security). In client mode, is the password than the client program ask to the remote
support for accept request.

The defaut password in the examples is : hola

Auto-active checkbox: To check if you want to put the configuration activated before some seconds since the program is executed. So you can configure to auto-listen the server ports, or auto-connect with the bridge machine...

Save settings checkbox: to confirm than you want save the actual configuration in register.

Zoom : Zoom factor of the remete screen image. (10 to 100).






use normal Port: The general listen port. The port number to connect with Gp. The check box must be checked to enable the port.

use SSL: The SSL port. To connect by SSL connection (normally it must be 443). You must to have copied the ssl dll libraries compatibles with Indy components: libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll, in the program or system directory. The demo distribution, incorporates a demo certificate files, than you can change.




If Bridge is not ready, the Client tray to connect again in a period of time defined by the user. When Bridge accept the connection, it is maintained until is closed for any of the 2 parts. If connection is closed by the Bridge, the Client starts to tray to connect again with Bridge.


Connect with : Check to actue as client. ( you must set the Host addr and port) .

Client user name: name of user client

Password to login : password to connect with the bridge (same than inpsw)

Note than client have not remote control function without the GranPuente connection. Nobody can access to it without permision of bridge.





Client Password: is the passowrd for incoming clients connections ( is different than
support use). Note than if you only have bridge function, nobody can access to the gp bridge.

Learn more about bridge



The sslservice project

Is a service versión of GranPuente. So you can do thinks like restart the computer.

It can run as service and normal app, it depending of params, example:

sslservice to run as normal app *

sslservice -install to install as service

sslservice -uninstall to uninstall the service

* Note, it is fixed than if you run the app without params, then it run as normal app or application service.


Work as service:

It handles the different window desktops: 'default, Winlogon and screensaver' desks. So you can see and interact with the Gp computer, even before windows login.

So at moment, you can see screen and move de mouse cursor, click or key events, and you can emulate the ctrl-alt-del in remote Winlogon desktop (you have an option in gpIndy main menu to emulate ctrl-alt-del) , so you can open and close windows sessions in the remote Gp computer, even re-start the computer and take the control again.

See for more info about SSL and Indy. The dll and indy delphi code for interface with it in



123. Three easy step to have remote control in your program.

1 / Make new project. Or open a existing one

2 / Drop GranPrimo in then main form and check properties.

In OnCreateForm event implementation, write some like this:

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);

3 / run. Open your browser and write :

The first web page is the logon page. If you put the password property to any value then you can only access to Granprimo by writing the computer direction and login page (example): 

You must write the correct password to access to granprimo



1 / Make new project. d1

2/ Drop GranPrimo


3/ Run .Open your browser and write :




1/  When you run granprimo, by default GranPrimo is iconized ( You must click the icon to change the Listening paramethers).

The paramethers are:
Port : The port number where the computer is listening . (default 80).
Home Page: name of the main page address, (where you enter the password to access  to the computer).
password: password to access the computer.

if PassWord is NULL, then you  can access to the computer, writing only   the host name or address.

(PassWord is 'hola' by default, and '' is the home page.


2/  You can access to the computer, by writing  http://hostname/homepage in the explorer direction bar.



(note: you can change "" by another word like "menu" )

You can change the Port (default is 80).

But then you must write the port number in the direction, example:

if you clear the password then only need

but all the people can access to the computer too.

3- If you access to the homepage with the browser, the first  page ask you for the password and  screen configuration to access to the computer.

If the password is Ok then you access to the main menu page where you can  choose the next action.


4-  In home page there is 4 fields to fill

username: isn't necessary.

password:  is needed

zoom: scale % of screen ,(between 10 and 100) lower values is a litle screen, hi values is a bigger screen . If you write nothing is in default zoom (60%).

jpeg: jpeg precision.( betweeen 10 and 100) lower values is a bad image and hi values is better images, ( but less speed ).

5- you can try GranPrimo in the local computer running granprimo and writing

in the navigator

(you must write "hola" (case sensitive) in password).


More information of

Bridge connection


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