Using FastReport in IntraWeb. 20/6/2007

FastReport is a powerfull and popular component library to create reports.
If you are an IntraWeb programmer, then maybe you want to obtain nice pdf reports, by reusing old desktop reports. See more


Zapatec, Delphi and IntraWeb. 20.5.2007

Zapatec is an Ajax library writing in JavaScript, with a clear and well commented source code. It includes a lot of examples in good combination with help documentation.

The aim is to use the Zapatec in a Delphi/IntraWeb application, with the intention to utilize the ZP Ajax techniques to communicate the two worlds. We can call it ZADI. See the Zapatec Part1 article for more information.

I'm making some changes in this web, so I have started using Zapatec Widgets to create the user inteface.

History of the name vs library history

The origin of GranPrimo’s name was with the reference to Gran Hermano (in Spanish) , called Big Brother (in English). See more




Do you need RAD for web and delphi ?. 16.10.2006

If you have an old delphi application made for desktop and you need a fast way to get it web enable, then TGpGadGet is what you need. The goal is to make a simple system ( 1 component) to create delphi programs which run both in desktop or in web mode) See more


AJaX 4 Intraweb 24/3/2006

Recently, for more than a year time, there has been a technique, which is revolutionizing the way of making WEB pages, called AJaX.

Really it is not a new technique, (for example GranPrimo has used AJaX techniques from the beginning), but nobody has given it a name, and nobody has explored this technique as much as now.

I have made some ' experiments' to use this technique in IntraWeb programs, giving as result components those that can be used in any existing IntraWeb application, adding a simple AJaX solutions to old problems of the IntraWeb app.

I have wanted to document these experiences in a set of articles that begin with ajax4intraweb.htm

Gp2006. Ready for Delphi 2006 and compatible with more librarys

Gp extends the power to many stock libraries. Now we include Synapse and RTC support as basic sock library.

Gp extends the power to many stock libraries. Now we include Synapse and RTC support as a basic sock library.

We refactored the library to enclose the functionallity of HTML/JAVA remote control in delphi components, actually with an intention to use it for "any web server" *. The implementation is sock library independent, so you can use the same Gp kernel in different systems. We make Delphi 2006 compatible, and we has eliminated Bugs and warnings that way. Now it is more clear and efficient code for .Net.

The result is that now Gp can support :

I want to do demos with full features for free evaluation to help to another programmers in their jobs. You can have the source code by order in Atozed Purchase Point,

Complete source demos and packs, compiled for delphi 2006




Introduction to SSL. Introduction to SSL. As you know, there are too many hackers out there in the net that can read the password and personal info surfing throughout the net between the C/S. We need to get that security solution for our components.


Article. Running Intraweb application in virtual directories. 3-Jun-2005

Intraweb needs serveral URL directories to execute an application: /files, /js, /exec... This is an important problem when you want to have several "stand-alone" intraweb application running in a common domain, because some of these directories interfere each other. ( more ).

GDB GDS indexer. 1-Jun-2005

And project example of GDB indexer plugging for google desktop search: Indexes the metadata in a GDB file ( Firebird or IntraWeb files). More about GooGDB project.


gpfeatures project. Complete and free for evaluation 27-may-2005

27/5/2005. Two package downloads are available:

The full evaluation (with complete functions) executable examples in setupgp1050527executables.exe

Some files greater than 1mb, are not available in some of the gp webs. Visit if you can't download the files.

This program is a small guide of Gp for Intraweb and GpIndy components. It illustrates different purposes of Gp library. The new components for Intraweb, the power of mixtured the use of Intraweb and Indy, and new 'cam and games' components.







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