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I know the difficult to understand the ‘Bridge’ feature. So I just separated different functionality of Bridge and Client in different programs.

The client is for run in the remote machine to be controlled, and you must to setup the IP and port to connect to. The Bridge is running on any accessible machine by client/s and the support operator/s, listening in the connection port.

Both Client and Bridge can be installed as a Service, to connect or listen automatically when the computer star up.

Download Client and Bridge



It is a complete PC remote control program done in delphi with GpIndy Library. Basically it actues as a HTTP server, but can actues like a client for other GranPuente.


you can download the ZIP file with demo.exe and readme in


See intructions about GranPuente





I want to do demos with full features for free evaluation to help to another programmers in the job. You can have the source code by order in Atozed Purchase Point


Demo exe , compiled for different librarys

This examples have 'similar extructure' ( it inherited the same base form) and use Gp basics in different librarys:

Note: The defaut password in the examples is : hola . But you can change it in the main exe form, writing your own. Or you can delete the password in main exe form before listening. By cleaning the password, do all the options accesible directly.

win32   Exe demo in zip and readme.txt


.Net install version in zip
Indy .NET Download GpIndy .Net exe demo
Synapse .NET GpSynapse .Net exe demo


Download delphi example implementing the Ajax  



    Or downloads the source demos :

Complete source demos and packs, compiled for delphi 2006

Documentation of the library










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