Wath is Granprimo ?

It is a set of components with very special purpose. "watch from any-where what happens in the P.C application  where it's installed with a simple browser". (you can see the screen, files, watch process, watch objects and edit properties of your delphi application). 

Gp is a n-tier "remote control & support" system, encapsulate in a Delphi components.

[Delphi Gp Client] ----> [Delphi Gp Bridge] <---- [Internet browser.DHTML,Java...]

or more simple if client have an open port for listening connections

[GP.client] <-------------------- [any internet browser]

Gp provide remote control functions to your program in different systems and libraries (Linux & Windows, VCL, CLX and ActiveX). The source files combine Pascal, DHTML, Java & JavaScript to link to your program from anywhere from a simple internet browser.

A delphi developer can extend the Gp capabilities and add or combine custom actions to obtain your remote control framework.

There is different Gp-pack for different library, which are tkspy derivations. At the moment for IntraWeb, Indy , Synapse and GpSocket (my own sock unit )

Additionally you can extend the remote function making little web services by reusing normal VCL forms with Spice function (Automatic translation pascal form to html form).

To know more about the library


Screen:  you can see the remote screen and make  click,move,drag, key -events in the remote host.

Files: You can see, rename, delete, edit, upload  and download the host files.

Remote Object inspector: You can see , delete objects, see and change properties,


Why GranPrimo ?

As a difference from other remote-control programs, where you install a server program in the "server side" and you need to have the same grogram or the client version program to see the  screen from another computer, with granprimo you only need to install it, and then you can  "take the remote-control" anywhere, because you only need a html browser.

Because is a delphi library, you can extend the functionality to optain your custom remote control tool.

who needs granprimo?

Those who want to see what happens in a remote computer.

1- A programmer to control remote application.
2- A programmer to show a demo application.
3- teacher in a Demo cyber -net lesson
4- see if your boss, secretary, ... is working  from the office or outside the office.
5- maybe you are cyber-exibicionist and you want the people can see what  you are doing.
6- You want to make a joke to a friend, and click him in the screen without another complex program.
7-Programes to join with their programs.


When ?

Now. It is ready for you.


Where ?

You can download the examples in this pages, or Order the product sources


See more Tech information for programers



Q- Is TGranPrimo a remote control solution for the *whole* windows ?

Yes, the aim is remote control by HTML navigation with a simple HTML browser. You can configure different kind of service or rigths for different uses. (remote control, demo system, file server…)

Q- What about Gp protocol ?

Protocol is pure http in TCP

Q- Are royalty free for distribution ?

Gp is Royalty free, when you have it in your program. You can't distribute it alone or like an only remote control program.

Q- How to buy it ?

At this moment, Gp is a Beta product, I want to start the on-line sell ASAP.

Q- How does your assistance work ?

My assistence is for any kind of question about Gp use, how to extend the functionality
and bug fixes. In addition you can obtain all the stable versions of Gp during the assistance period.

Q- How does the refresh screen work ?

It's possible to do the refresher in different ways, in HTML with complete auto-refresh of the page. There is a see-only remote-screen method in JavaScript with a timer refresh without repainting all the page, (only the JPG remote screen image). The better way to pure remote contol and fine refresh, is with the spyviewer applet.

Q- is your component faster then VNC ?

I prefer other people to make the comparison
I know about VNC and I was inspired by java spyviwer applet in this program, but very different way to implement the transfers. My method is not bitmap oriented, it is rectangle JPG oriented..

It is possible that you are not writing to the correct direction, ( if home page
is set, then you must write the http://ip_dir:port/homepage for example )

Q- How many users can connect to the see-only version ?

The number of users depends on server performance and required refresh time.
There is not an implicit number of user restrictions in the system.

Q- Also, is the java applet source code part of the gpIndy and TgranPrimo source code package?

About the java applet, it is really a part encoded in delphi like hex. code,
but you have the source example too, ( really, it's a very simple applet, much more simple than VNC for example, but optimized to the Gp Jpeg block concept ).

Q- HTTPS. As you know, there are too many hackers out there in the net that can read the password and personal info traveling throughout the net between the C/S. What have you planned to secure the HTTPS line?

HTTPS, is not supported by Tgranprimo component, but it is in Indy or Intraweb, and also in respective Gp libraries. Also, if you have the bridge solution with Tgranprimo, we can do a data custom encoding, even there is a market solution for https conection , like octagate. (like middleware solution). The problem is the Gp alone version ( without indy libraries. When I start with first Gp version, indy was not the standard as it is today). Now it forces me make gp compatible with indy.

My client wants the look to be changed a bit and I need to do it for him based on his taste look and feel.

About the "look and feel", we are making changes in order to use external .html templates to define the aspect of the pages.


Q- Sorry, but ... no matter what I do (I have turned my Brosers's security to
Low and enabled everything), I still get an empty page when I click on the
"Remote Java Desktop" link. Login seems to work: after entering "hola" as
password, the two edit boxes dissapear and I get a page with the links and
without the Login prompt, but ... none of the links do anything but show
me an empty page.

Try to delete the password in main exe form before listening. (maybe the
password is changed from then default 'hola')
By cleaning the password, do all the options accesible directly.

I suppose the license is for you, and license does not permit you buy the
components for third party. You only can distribute the gp software like a part
of your own compiled application for your maintenance, and never the gp sources
or like an only remote control application. ( then for Indy is 99Euro license
+ 250Euro the source code for only one developer),

Q- So, this BRIDGE can act as proxy between MANY java clients and ONE gpIndy server? Am I correct?

Yes it's like a proxy between local network and the client connection.

Q- Does this mean that two or three java client users can connect to the BRIDGE
IP/PORT location, and then the bridge will RELAY the data back and forth
between 2-3 Java clients to ONE gpIndy SERVER connection through the BRIDGE
proxy relaying system? Is this correct?

Yes, some thing like this.

>Did you design the bridge to help for collaborative/team work if the gpIndy
>server has a limited internet bandwidth and the BRIDGE can be in a ISP data
>center with a T1 connection to handle many Java clients to one gpIndy
>server? Is this correct?

It 's the idea. Really, I'm working in a bigger project mixing IntraWeb to get more flexibility in page contruction, to manage a teem. And offer other service like automatic on-line registration and more...

But I need more time to offer this product finished.

But in the actual state you can have some thing very near this objetive.

The demo app can't run as service.
And the Enter key have an 'extrange' efect due a test which i forget to
remove... ( and it try to emulate the ctrl-alt-del, but is not a service, so
it can do it )

>BTW, I did not register the app as a SERVICE, but turned it on as an
>application. Every time, I hit the "Enter Key" on the Java Applet, I
>would et the RUN COMMAND dialog opening and at the same time also my
>enter key in he text document would get executed too.
>Any idea why the RUN COMMAND would also open?

>What does the bridge do for gpIndy?
>How can I use it or why?
>Please give me an example, so, I can fully understand the use of it.

You can read

If you still have problems to understand it, then you can ask for more
specific questions.

>If I buy the source code, can I change the look of the CLIENT JAVA
>APPLET and the whole demo apps?
>How much is the gpIndy with SSL as a source code and where do I buy it?

Yes, you can change the demo apps, but the java applet source code, is not
available in the comercial pack.
Really is a very simple applet, but I don't support it because it's a very
'delicated' part, and any change in the interface need time to test and more
complex for me to support to 3party. But as you have lot of patience with
me, I can send you the sources to change the look.
price: 450 Euros
You can order the comercial pack in



SpyObjects 1.4 library


Pascal library with powerfull components that provide remote control functions and access to the objects and forms of your program in different systems (Linux & Windows), different  language configurations, VCL (since delphi 3 to 7 ), CLX (Delphi7 ; Kylix3), ActiveX (for all COM compatible languages), and .NET.

SpyObjects source files are a cross-platform remote control developer library that combine Pascal, HTML, DHTML, Java & JavaScript  to link to your  program from anywhere. All in one component.. You can watch what happens in the P.C application  where it's installed with a simple browser.

Because is a Delphi library for programmers, user can extend the spy capabilities and add custom actions or combine different functions and classes to obtain your remote control framework.

There is different spy-pack for different library but all the extension are tkspy  derivations.  At the moment for IntraWeb7,6x,5x, Indy9, Indy10, and alone (my own sock unit that provide advanced remote control functions, like bridge connections, IRC, etc…)

Additionally you can extend the remote function making little web services by reusing normal VLC or CLX form with  Spice function ( Automatic translation pascal form to html form).



Spice.  Provide instant web access to your Delphi & Kylix form application. By instant translate Pascal form component to HTML form.. Then you can use the program form both in local and remotely by web browser.  You can have the grogram form minimized as a little web service program from a old Delphi  program.


Remote Java desktop. With the new spyviwer Java applet, you have full desktop access  to the remote computer. You can see remote screen,  drag & drop, key events, mouse movement in the remote host.


Files & directory navigation. Sort by name, size. Download , Upload , rename , delete, see, edit host files.


Remote Object Inspector. See tree components and properties, change properties, see what  property in what object change, of your remote pc/ application. Dump memory. Delete & create objects. Find objects. List dump, collection dump.


Remote HTML Desktop See remote static screen and click & key events. You can configure the resolution and quality of screen image. (No java)


On-line demo system.  You execute your application, and your client can see a TV-Window of your computer.


Proxy net. One Gp component can be a bridge between other 2 computer.


off-line & E-mail Suport  You can resume a session of your application (save screen  & component changes),  Then when you connect with granprimo and see the changes and historic log. You can configure it to send to you this informatil via e-mail. Both direct connection to a SMTP service or via MAPI.


Irc localization.


Hex Editor of remote application memory.


See active process . You can kill , see properties.


See machine information. Cpu speed, win version, Local Net Info


Alias dbe access. Add, change, delete remote alias.


Multi-language. English, Castellano..


Extensible. You can easy add your own capabiltes.


Very compact. You only add 200 K to your application.


Proxy net. One Gp component can be a bridge between other 2 computer.


See active process . You can kill , see properties.



Patch remote program.


I'll like to add a step by step debugger.







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