Developer tools

Borland/Inprise . State of the art for programmers

Atozed software. the dream team of Experts in sockets & Web conections. Home of IntraWeb & Indy. Indy documentation. ThirdParties


Delphi component Pages

Torry . Maybe the best free&share component page

Delphi Superpage . the veteran page with a lot of resources.

Delphi clinic. By Bob Swart, really an expert with delphi.

DelphiSeek Delphi resource seeker.

Delphi Tips & Tricks

thedelphimagazine. Good delphi articles

vclcrawler good extructured and lot of components

ClubDelphi Una buena página en castellano. Recursos, Descargas, Foro...

Tips for Converting VCL Components to VCL.NET


Granprimo en castellano


MemCheck : find memory leaks



Software remodeling

Class Cohesion

Ajax related

OpenAjax Alliance The OpenAjax Alliance is an organization of leading vendors, open source projects, and companies using Ajax that are dedicated to the successful adoption of open and interoperable Ajax-based Web technologies
Ajaxian The more cool blog about Ajax.
Zapatec Its a very good library with a clear and well commented source code.
Prototipe Very good base library to work in object oriented in javascript. It has not hi level widgets, but it is the base to make it Huge Ajax library directory.
MiniAjax Nice looking simple downloadable dhtml and Ajax.

Prototype documents  
Developer Notes for prototype.js
Overview of the Prototype Javascript Library  


Jquery Similar/"clone" to Prototype basics. It have examples and documentation.
Oberon Good and Open source library. It's a huge library  


DhtmlxGrid Very good and free web editable grid. Non Ajax, but nice.


BackBase Its a complete and very good framework, lot of examples and semi/ready to use complete programs demo. It use a very compact code to render the pages, with own tags param definitions. A pre-procesor render the HTML result. But maybe it is heavy to understand for a novice, it is very expensive too. Non Ajax, but nice.







Other remote control tools and webs

VNC Virtual Network Computing Very good product & free. For only remote screen control, it use a very good library in JAVA, But it can not to do the same thinks than Granprimo

Ben Ziegler's Source Code Page

Very good delphi source code, that include a remote control tool.


Delphi component with some remote control features


Made in delphi too, cheap.

gotomypc Another remote control system with good opinions en español.

Netop Remote Control

RTC Remote Tools. Really very good components for remote control.



DHTML & Javascript

Dynamic Duo


Tutoriales y recursos de DTHML, JavaScript en castellano.

BilleniumSoft Billenium Effects: Form embedding, transition effects, tranlucent controls and textures for Delphi and C++ Builder Citadel: Protect and compress your Delphi forms and datamodules

Buena sección de tutoriales de uso de hojas de estilo (css).


Recursos en para wap/wml en castellano.

Javascript, applets, sounds...

HTML Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 Compresor encriptador on-line de javascript.

Make google like titles.

Java resources

JavaTM Secure Socket Extension (JSSE)



Others Do you want to sell your components ?











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