G : (Mini-GranPrimo), less than 120K in a complete windows program, allow you to access to the remote screen computer. Is a subset of TgranPrimo components for only remote screen control.

The java applet run showing the remote screen and refresh it only the portion changed. Also dispatch mouse and key events.

In a single unit gplite, which no need any more unit (no need classes,windows or jpeg).

In about 10000 lines of Delphi code, you have classes for construct Html code, http web server, jpeg compression, windows and bitmap access, hi quality strech function, the Java code for the applet, all the rules to access to the remote computer as a web server, and more...



Kprimo 0.1 For kylix. Is the Kylix release of spyObjects. At the moment, screen remote control is not enabled , but you have funny access to your files & program objects in Windows and Linux. You can find, read, edit, send, download files, and remote object inspection   Ready for delphi and kylix. (not desktop remote control support)

It uses Indy components as communication library. The source files are the same in kprimo that in SpyIndy, But there is different *.dcu distribution because {$linux} directive make different compilations.

The component in this pack (TgooSpyIndy and TspiceIndy ).


Old components not supported, but maybe reedited in future.


Gp pack

Gp offer all remote control features and extensions like Bridge function, and it don't use any other external library or code. Work as http server with direct listening in a tcp/ip port.

TGranprimo Is a stand-alone Delphi component for remote control and debug your normal delphi Application. You drop TGranPrimo component in your application, and virtually , you have remote control access to it.




Remote desktop encapsulate in a simple component for IntraWeb. It is ideal for remote configuration of the IntraWeb server pc. Download IwJavaScreen

GpTools for IntraWeb

Gp for IntraWeb users, is a set of compatible intraweb components with purpose of remote control of IW server and more...

TdynamicScreen. To capture the screen image of remote computer, with desired width and height . It uses a technique to strech the image, but with mantinance of original aspect. You can click the image to remote action.

TdynamicScreenWap. Similar to TdynamicScreen for WAP.

TIWPrimoProperties. Property object editor. To see and change the property values of a given object.

TIWPrimoTreeObject. Show a child object tree of a root object. For example you can put the object application as root object and then see all the application child objects and the childs of each one.

TIWSpyTreeFiles y TIWSpyTreeDrivers, similar to the property editor and tree object inspector , but for directory / files.

TGpIntraWeb. Is the Remote control engine. Is a TSpy extension that provide the Html render engine, patching original TKSpy links for IW links.

TiWGranPrimo. Is the TiwControl extension  which connect with TgpIntraWeb .The render html result, it depend of TgpIntraWeb.SpyFuncion property.

Spyfuncion values:

If you haven't a TGpIntraWeb component connected with TiwGranPrimo, then TiwGranPrimo generate their own TgpIntraWeb.

You can have several tgpIntraweb and TiwGranprimo components in the Iw form, showing different windows information. (screen, files... together ). 

The java applet can had a 'little' problem with Java and browser versions, but it can be fixed by setting the BrowserSecurityCheck property to false.


Remote desktop encapsulate in a simple component for IntraWeb. Really is a subset of SpyIntraWeb components for only remote screen control. It only add about 50 K to your IntraWeb app + 12k of the java applet to put it in /files.

The java applet run showing the remote screen and refresh it only the portion changed. Also dispatch mouse and key events.

It is ideal for remote configuration of the IntraWeb server pc. Source files, show you the technique to connect a java class to Iw server. (You can order both delphi and Java source files used for 69 Euros )



Freeware components. We start to publish some of our free components.

TIWRoundRectangle. For 'round&custom box' creation.

TmIWBoton. Image based button. Which simule 3 button states. Normal, mouse over, and mouse click.

All those components are Indy or IntraWeb compatibles, but need of Granprimo Library.






Netriste. Play a game.23-april-2005

NeTriste is an example of Gp for Intraweb (r). It is a real example of remote control, but with a funny spam, a Tetris clone game which remember you than its not for comercial use.

Maybe it inspired to you to make your own games with the java applet + granprimo component as comunication between the client browser and IntraWeb server. It show you the use of remote object inspector too.


There is a delphi 2005 compiled example, for Intraweb 7.2x. It was compiled with the intraweb 'build in' version of delphi 2005. So, it had the same restriction than other compiled samples with the 'origilan delphi 2005 distribution', and then only can be runned asking to direction. The example show the way to use the TiWGranPrimo component for remote screen control. Because evaluation mode ( only can be asked in same computer than is running the program), it show the self screen. So when you run it, you have an effect similar to the kaleidoscope. ( it is not really a very usefull compiled program, but it illustrates the component functionality).

Tmiro component. 06-Jul-2004

Tmiro is a component which allow you to instant web publication of captured web-cam images.

You can download the free demo program in /

You can register Tmiro component for only 69 Euros.


comming very soon...

WML translation, for publication in movil phones.

maybe I'm on-line now in If is not ready, you can email me and I put me on-line ( you only see my ugly face, or mi beautiful cat. ).

Tmiro is an extension of granprimo library.






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