Please, Before order any of the components, contact with the author asking for availability of your Delphi, Intraweb or/and indy versions.

DinaMixte (personal + no source code) 69 euro + VAT
DinaMixte, (Standar with source) 269 euro + VAT
DinaMixte, (Profesional with source) 469 euro + VAT
DinaMixte corporative source code * for register corporative user. 1000 euro + VAT


gpIndy standart developer license (no source code) 69 euro + VAT
gpIndy single developer source code * for register user. 250 euro + VAT
gp profesional developer source code * for register user. 450 euro + VAT
gp corporative source code * for register corporative user. 1000 euro + VAT

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TDynaMixte standart.

TDynaMixte is an IW (IntraWeb) component than allow the execution of old desktop delphi forms or frames, in a new IntraWeb application.

The component creates hidden (or visible*) instances of the forms in runtime and “translate” it in HTML code to be executed into the IntraWeb page, and emulates the normal events in desktop controls to be executed in

TDynaMixte Profesional.

Comming soon...

Same of standart version plus Db control support, the grid and menu support is not completed.


GpIndy standart.

Gp offer all basic remote control features as extension of Indy components.

GpIndy Profesional.

Gp offer all basic remote control of standar edition. Plus other profesional features like bridge or SSL.


GranPrimo Corporative

Offer all the features of other components, plus other special tools like video cam, spice , and a complete set of other usefull intraweb components

Features by package.

    Indy Standar Indy profesional Intraweb Corporative
bullet Remote Java desktop. With the new spyviwer Java applet, you have full desktop access  to the remote computer.You can see remote screen,  drag & drop, key events, mouse movement in the remote host.

Files & directory navigation. Sorted by name, size.... Download , Upload , rename , delete, see, edit host files.


Remote Object Inspector. See tree components and properties, change properties, see what  property in what object change, of your remote pc/ application. Dump memory. Delete & create objects. Find objects. List dump, collection dump.


Remote HTML Desktop See remote static screen and click & key events. You can configure the resolution and quality of screen image. (No java)


On-line demo system.  You execute your application, and your client can see a TV-Window of your computer.


Proxy net. One Gp component can be a bridge between other 2 computer.


off-line & E-mail Suport  You can resume a session of your application (save screen  & component changes),  Then when you connect with granprimo and see the changes and historic log. You can configure it to send to it you via e-mail. Both direct connection to a SMTP service or via MAPI.


Webcam. For direct publication of images captured by a webcam.

bullet Wab support. For movile platform.

See active process . You can kill , see properties.


See machine information. Cpu speed, win version, Local Net Info

bullet SSL support. For security connections.



bullet Spice.  Provide instant web access to your Delphi & Kylix form application. By instant translation Pascal form component in HTML form.. Then you can use the program form both in local and remotely by web browser.  You can have the program form minimized as a little web service program from a old Delphi  program.

Alias dbe access. Add, change, delete remote alias.



Subscription Term

The subscription term specifies the period for which the purchaser will receive free updates and support starting with the date of purchase. After the expiration of the term, major updates will not be available, however all previously obtained versions will continue to function.

Licensing and Other Information
For each developer you need a unique license, or have corporative option that is good for more than 5 developers.

After order, confirm to the author too.











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