GpIndy Client / Bridge

I know the difficult to understand the ‘Bridge’ feature. So I just separated different functionality of Bridge and Client in different programs.

The client is for run in the remote machine to be controlled, and you must to setup the IP and port to connect to. The Bridge is running on any accessible machine by client/s and the support operator/s, listening in the connection port.

You can free download the samples.

Our objective is provide components than complement the IntraWeb and Indy library in special sectors, like remote control and tele-asistance, tele-demo, webcams, wap...


We are happy to present the new TDynaMixte component:

TDynaMixte is an IW (IntraWeb) component than allow the execution of old desktop delphi forms or frames, in a new IntraWeb application. DinaMixte Blog

The component creates hidden (or visible*) instances of the forms in runtime and “translate” it in HTML code to be executed into the IntraWeb page, and emulates the normal events in desktop controls to be executed in WEB mode.

The component communicates with the server by using Ajax Call, then is good for adding frame interactivity in a IntraWeb application without any “intrusion” in the rest of the IW form or components.

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