Mi Teruel


n the seventies of this century European theatre experts declared that the tragedy had  died, it wasn't already possible to feel and to perceive the catharsis at the time of a performed tragedy. However, my experience, as a director of the play "The Lovers from Teruel", after the first year of performance denies that confirmation and proves that it is still possible to play a tragedy. Not only because the stage where the events of the legendary story happened is the same, as to be supposed, but also because of the people who keep it deeply inside themselves. As things stand at present, the established relation of catharsis, in the whole tragedy wouldn't be possible, without the Teruel audience. We could perform it at some other place, and if the public were from Teruel it would work, but if there were another audience, the legend wouldn't be understood as a tragedy.
In this 1998, while I was working on the project with the actors, the people from Teruel after all, I realized that the myth of the Lovers shows up in Teruel as if the town had the collective memory of the group. And like getting out of the woollen balls of each one of the associate members who belong to Teruel, it was possible to spin a thread of the legend - such as it was a question of resolving a big mystery. I mean, that the Lovers legend although was included in numerous literary works, where we can mention some of the most important authors like Titso de Molina and Hartzembuch, it was also transmitted orally, like the story which the fathers used to tell their sons. So the entire story appears when it is heard  from the people from Teruel, such as it was done this year.

his year the audience have realized  that not only they can think the tragedy over, but also the tragedy can reflect on Teruel. In any case, in order to perform the legend of Lovers anywhere else, and to get it works as a tragedy, it still has to mature.


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