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SpyPrimo is a  Delphi component with purpose to  Trace & debug  your application. It take a "photo" of your application in HTML format.


  • Object Inspection. See tree components, properties,  what  property in what object change, Hexmemory Dump. Tlist dump, Tcollection dump. Custom dump.

  • Take a photo of the screen. . You can configure the resolution and quality of screen image. Animation Html.

  • Window Event's logger.

  • Multi-language. English, Castellano..

  • Extensible. You can easy add your own capabilites.

  • Very compact. You only add 60 K to your application.


    Debug delphi application, execution logger...

SpyPrimo is a beta product.

GranPrimo project.

Published on Torry's Delphi Pages